1. How Long Until My Bad Debt is Cleared Up?

    If you have unpaid debts—and especially if you have a lawsuit over an unpaid debt—you may be wondering:  When will this ever be over?  When will I have all these bad debts behind me, once and for all?  How long do I have to wait until my credit clears up so that I can get a mortgage or a car …Read More

  2. What Can A Creditor Do With A Judgment?

    If you have a judgment against you, you probably have some questions: What can the creditor do to collect on the judgment? How will a judgment affect my credit? What can I do to resolve the judgment? This article explains the basics of judgment collection in Texas.  It is not comprehensive.  It is…Read More

  3. When Is My Answer Due?

    The date you “get served” with the lawsuit establishes your deadline for filing your Answer.  This article will explain how to calculate your lawsuit answer date. Justice Court – 14 Calendar Days In Justice Court, also known as Small Claims Court or JP Court, your answer is due 14 calendar da…Read More

  4. How to Know if You Have Been Served

    The plaintiff has to serve you with the lawsuit papers before the lawsuit can go forward.  Usually, “getting served” means that the constable or a process server has to physically hand you a copy of the lawsuit.  But, in some circumstances, it is possible to “get served” with the lawsuit b…Read More

  5. Payday Loan Companies and Hot Check Charges

    Payday loan companies routinely threaten to “file hot check charges” when a borrower misses a payment. But can a payday loan company really file hot check charges against you? And if so, under what circumstances? PRE-AUTHORIZED PAYMENTS ARE THE SAME AS CHECKS  In years past, payday loan compani…Read More

  6. What You Need to Know About Judgments

    If you are facing a lawsuit, or if you already have a judgment against you from a lawsuit, you need to know what a creditor with a judgment can do to collect on their judgment. This article will explain the basics of judgment collection in Texas. What can happen in a creditor gets a judgment against…Read More

  7. What You Need to Know About Student Loan Lawsuits

    According to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, private student loan debt makes up nearly $150 billion of the $1 Trillion of total outstanding student loan debt. Unlike federal (or government) student loans, a private student loan lender is required to sue you and obtain a judgment against you …Read More

  8. Can I Re-Open My Lawsuit After a Default Judgment?

    RE-OPENING LAWSUITS FOLLOWING A DEFAULT JUDGMENT If you already have a default judgment against you, you may, depending on your circumstances, be able to re-open the lawsuit or appeal the judgment. What you can do will depend on how long it has been since the judgment was entered and on whether or n…Read More

  9. What You Need to Know About Credit Card Lawsuits

    Here are the basics that you need to know if you have a lawsuit over an unpaid credit card debt. They need to serve you with the paperwork before the lawsuit can go forward. The lawsuit cannot go forward until they serve you with the lawsuit paperwork.  Usually, this means that a constable or proce…Read More

  10. Payday Loans and Hot Check Charges

    When You Can Sue a Payday Lender for Threatening You with Hot Check Charges or Arrest Payday loan companies often threaten to file hot check charges with the District Attorney (DA) if you default on a loan. You may even get a call from a Payday lender who says they want your work address because the…Read More