1. How do bank account garnishments work in Texas?

    If you have a judgment against you, one of the things the judgment creditor can do to collect their money is garnish your bank accounts.  This article will give you basic information from our Houston debt resolution attorneys about how bank account garnishments work in Texas and about what you can …Read More

  2. JPMorgan Accused Of Credit Card Misconduct By Mississippi AG

    JPMorgan Chase & Co was sued on Tuesday by Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, who accused the largest U.S. bank of violating state consumer protection laws in its alleged pursuit of delinquent payments by credit card customers. The lawsuit followed an 18-month probe, according to Hood, and a…Read More

  3. Biggest Class Action Suit Against Visa And MasterCard Settled

    A US federal judge has approved the largest class action settlement in a lawsuit of merchants against credit card providers Visa and MasterCard. US District Judge John Gleeson of Brooklyn, New York, approved a $5.7bn (£3.5bn, €4.1bn) settlement between the parties in the class action lawsuit, acc…Read More