Welcome to the Heston Law Firm!

We are honored to represent you and we are grateful that you have chosen our firm to assist you throughout the litigation process.

We are committed to providing quality legal services to our clients and our hope is to provide you with simple solutions and services that help assist you through this process. In your time of need, we are here to advocate on your behalf.

We can honestly say that our firm’s success and reputation is largely due to the much-appreciated efforts of our loyal and satisfied clients.

Our goal is to guide you during the litigation process, answer any questions that you may have, and help to reach resolution in your matter.

We look forward to working with you and we greatly appreciate that you have chosen the Heston Law Firm to advocate on your behalf!


Navigating through the Online Portal

In order to keep you “in the loop”, we have created this Online Client Portal for you to use (at your convenience). Copies of pleadings (including your Petition and Answer), important documents, correspondence, and inquiries can be accessed and uploaded through the Portal.

For immediate assistance, please contact our office at (713) 270-4833 and ask to speak with your Case Manager.

For billing questions, please contact our office either via email – at billing@hestonlawfirm.com – or you can call (713) 270-4833 and ask for our billing department.

We look forward to working with you!


What to Expect

Litigation (i.e., the “lawsuit process”) can be a long and tedious process. We will continue to advocate on your behalf and keep you updated as to the status of your case. Typically, the litigation process can take anywhere from a few months to one-to-two years, or possibly longer.

After you hire our firm, the first step is for us to file your Answer. Once it is filed, we will send you a copy; however, you can also access it via the Online Portal.

If able and necessary, we will serve the opposing party with Discovery Requests (i.e., questions and documents that we ask them to produce and/or respond to). If needed, we may set up a call with you in advance to discuss your case, obtain any pertinent information, and determine what requests should be served on the Plaintiff.

If we receive discovery requests, then we will need to respond to those as well. We may set up a phone call with you to discuss the questions and documents given to us by the Plaintiff’s attorney.

Anytime a hearing or trial setting is ordered by the Court, we will notify you. Sometimes the courts will schedule hearings that you do not need to attend. If we do believe that you should be in attendance, however, we will let you know in advance. For questions about whether or not you will need to attend, please contact our office once you receive a Notice of Hearing.

Sometimes the Court will order us to mediate. Mediation is a method of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” whereby a neutral third party sits down with both/all parties and will discuss the facts, damages, and try and assist the parties in reaching a resolution of the matter. If the Judge orders us to mediate, then we are required to mediate unless we are able to settle the matter without the need of mediation. There may be fees associated with mediation and our office will be sure to inform you of those fees in advance.

In some cases, your attorney may recommend FIGHTING if the attorney believes that the Plaintiff’s evidence is not sufficient to win at trial. Ultimately, it is your decision if you would like to FIGHT or SETTLE. Our office will provide you with our recommendation and discuss your options with you.

In other instances, your attorney may recommend SETTLING if the attorney believes that the Plaintiff can prevail at trial. If the Plaintiff does prevail at trial, it is possible that the Judge could hold you responsible for the entire debt amount + attorney’s fees + court costs + interest. Alternatively, we are typically able to negotiate reductions on the debt balance and a payment plan or lump sum amount. Not every case is the same, though, so please ask your Case Manager for any specific questions.

For questions, please feel free to contact our office at (713) 270-4833. It is a pleasure working with you!