Great people

“This is an excellent law firm, I highly recommend them. Very professional. If you permit me, this was our experience in a nutshell: we owed over $6,000 to a creditor when we received a lawsuit to bring us to court over the amount. Before I received the lawsuit, I got several law firm ads in the mail… that’s how we found out that we got sued. The law firms found out long before we did. The Heston Ciment ad was the only one that had a case # and did their research. So we gave them a try.

During our first meeting the lawyer looked at our case and basically said, “”Oh yeah, this is our bread and butter.. this is no big deal.”” They did all the work. We didn’t do anything except sign a few papers from home. They did all honest dealings, and were upfront on all fees, nothing was hidden. They communicated very well, and they were flexible on due dates on a number of occasions. Of over $6,000 that we owed, Heston Ciment settled with the creditor for just over $600! which included the Heston Ciment fees. All said and done we knocked off $3,400 from our debt.

Great people to work with; I highly recommend them.”