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How Much Does a Debt Settlement Lawyer Cost?

Debt Settlement Lawyer Cost

If you have huge amounts of debt that you’re struggling to pay off, consider hiring a debt settlement lawyer. You’re probably wondering how you can possibly afford to hire an attorney. We offer competitive rates and monthly payment plans and have helped many of our clients significantly reduce how much debt they owe.

Debt Lawyer with 5,000+ lawsuits defeated

We offer low rates to work on your behalf to defend your rights and get you back on track with debt resolution services. We price our services based on your specific circumstances so you get peace of mind you’re getting affordable assistance from experienced professionals.

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When Should I Hire an Attorney for Debt Lawsuit Settlement?

There are many situations where it may be worth the cost of hiring a debt settlement attorney. Here are some times when you should consider hiring an attorney for debt resolution:

If you haven’t been able to make payments on your credit card bills, medical bills, or loan payments, the debt collector or creditor may file a debt lawsuit against you. Unfortunately, many people don’t hire a lawyer even after getting sued, with a significant number of people getting a default judgment against them, meaning the collector can garnish your bank account, place a lien on your home, ruin your credit, and can even send the constable to your home in an effort to obtain assets.

A debt lawyer can represent you for your case and works as your advocate throughout the process. Our team can take care of everything from answering the summons to negotiating a settlement based on your needs to stop judgments and help you get back on track.

Another reason to hire an experienced debt settlement lawyer is if you’re considering bankruptcy. In many cases, people file for bankruptcy when there are other alternatives. We can often help you avoid bankruptcy. When bankruptcy is the right choice for your debt situation, our professionals can help you file for bankruptcy to discharge your debts and also take steps to protect your property.

Affordable Debt Lawyer Services from Heston Law Firm

When you need affordable services from an experienced debt lawyer, our team is here to help. We work with Texans of all backgrounds to help them financially recover after getting into debt. If you have a significant amount of debt, we’ll work with you for debt relief to save you money and get you back on track and start living stress-free again.

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*Cases won or settled for a reduced amount.