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Work with a Debt Resolution Lawyer to Dismiss a Debt Lawsuit

If a credit card company or lender is suing you for debt, our team of debt resolution lawyers is here for you. We’ll represent you and fight for dismissal to stop the lawsuit from moving forward to a judgment. With the debt attorneys at Heston Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing your case is handled.

We get 30% of our client’s debt lawsuits dismissed

Dismiss a Debt Lawsuit

Our team offers years of legal experience to determine when dismissal of a debt lawsuit is possible and take care of the steps needed to get your case dismissed. We are proud to help nearly ⅓ of our clients get their cases dismissed entirely. Our team stands up for your rights even against some of the largest companies in the country.

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How to Get a Debt Lawsuit Dismissed

Our debt resolution lawyers at Heston Law Firm advocate for you in court when the credit card company is suing you. We understand the laws and use them to protect your rights and resolve your debt.

In order to get your debt lawsuit dismissed, it’s important to answer in time, which is often just days or weeks after you’re served. Not answering can result in a default judgment, so make sure you talk to our legal team straight away if you’re being sued for debt. Our team will analyze your case to see if there are grounds for dismissal.

Hire a Debt Attorney in Texas for Debt Lawsuits

Getting your debt lawsuit dismissed can be a complex process that requires a lot of experience and knowledge about debt lawsuits. Hire a debt resolution lawyer to help you fight and win your debt lawsuit if you have creditors suing you.

Our professionals offer years of experience with 5,000+ lawsuits defeated, with nearly one-third of all our clients getting the lawsuit dismissed. If we can’t get your case dismissed, we advocate for debt settlement to get you a hefty discount on what you owe. Debt settlement accounts for 67% of our cases. Our team is here to defend you against credit card companies, lenders, and debt collectors so you can move forward.

Financial recovery begins with contacting our team to discuss your debt lawsuit. Get in touch for a free consultation to learn how we can help you with your case.