If you’ve been served with a lawsuit by your creditor or other parties that own your debt, do not ignore it! If you choose to do so, or if you try to represent yourself in court without a debt settlement lawyer, a default judgement is likely to be the outcome. If this happens, you are vulnerable to collection tactics that your creditor is legally allowed to employ. These tactics can include garnishment of your bank account, writ of execution, and mandatory attendance at a deposition to determine what assets can be seized. It should go without saying, a default judgement must be avoided at all costs. Those who choose to ignore their debt lawsuit will most likely receive a default judgement without ever having knowledge of it.

The sooner you contact the Heston Law Firm and speak with one of our experienced debt consolidation attorneys, the better chance we have of building your case and defeating your debt lawsuit. We have successfully defeated over 3,000 debt lawsuits, resulting in a total elimination of our clients’ debts. We will fight dismissal of your debt or a debt settlement with the creditor to significantly reduce the amount you owe.

What’s more, our services are easy and affordable. You can get started with our debt settlement lawyer for as little as $100 down and can set up a payment plan if you need to. We handle all of your obligations in the process, including answering the lawsuit and representing you in summary judgements, trials, and settlement mediation. 99% of our debt lawsuit clients have never even had to show up in court. In fact, you can even secure our services by simply talking to us on the phone. Contact us today and find out just how easy it is to put a debt lawsuit in your rearview mirror.