1. Heston Justice

    My review was that I was being sued for an old debt.once I received the suit,Mr.Heston and I got together as he explain to me about my case,it was a piece a cake. Mr.Heston, went in and got my garnishment lifted and my money back as we'll settle with the other party for less than they wanted. I would advise anyone who has an old,or new debt to contact Mr.James Heston .…Read More

  2. Best Experience!

    I would definitely recommend Daniel as an attorney. He was really attentive to all my needs and really owned the situation. He was careful to explain all my options and really answered all my questions thoroughly. He won my case for me but even if he hadn't the care and attention he showed would definitely bring me back when his services are needed. Look no further for a great attorney.…Read More

  3. Great people

    "This is an excellent law firm, I highly recommend them. Very professional. If you permit me, this was our experience in a nutshell: we owed over $6,000 to a creditor when we received a lawsuit to bring us to court over the amount. Before I received the lawsuit, I got several law firm ads in the mail... that's how we found out that we got sued. The law firms found out long before we did. The Hesto…Read More

    J. DALE
  4. Kudos

    "Heston Ciment Law Firm is extremely professional and I was very impressed by their promptness. I had contacted another law firm and their staff member was unprofessional and rude. I contacted Heston Ciment Law Firm and within the hour we had exchanged information and I had hired them. Their staff and lawyers are good at what they do. Kudos!"…Read More

  5. I’m very satisfied

    "I was very skeptic at the beginning but I saw the outcome of the lawsuit and I'm very satisfied with the result. What I liked the most it's that I didn't even set foot in court. Heston Ciment, I'm a believer now!"…Read More

  6. They deliver amazing results

    "I was amazed at how the Heston Ciment Law Firm handled by debt lawsuit. The creditor tried scaring me with a lawsuit and the Heston Ciment law firm got my lawsuit dismissed without me ever stepping inside of a court room. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone with debt lawsuit issues. They deliver amazing results!!"…Read More


    "The only law firm that genuinely understands a client's issue. It is one thing to know the law, it is a whole different story to humanely apply it to a client. I believe that the Heston Ciment Law Firm understands that a large majority of consumers do not arbitrarily wake up on a given day, and decide they do not wish to pay their bills. I thank this firm for addressing my issue in a humane and p…Read More

  8. Highly recommend

    "I would highly recommend The Heston Ciment Law Firm. They treated me with professionalism and respect. They also made it very simple, quick and took care of all of my legal obligations."…Read More

  9. Made the process simple

    "I had never been sued and therefore, I was scared of the process. After calling several law firms, I chose The Heston Ciment Law Firm to represent me. They made the process simple and had winning results both times that I needed their service."…Read More

  10. HUGE load off my mind

    "This case had been stressing me out to no end--insomnia, worry about my bank accounts, my family's financial well being, and was affecting my physical health, as well--due to a claim made by a firm that absolutely would NOT communicate with me at ALL. Heston Ciment took a HUGE load off my mind and my shoulders...and they handled EVERYTHING. My case was dismissed, and I didn't even have to show up…Read More