1. What is an “Answer”? And how do I file one?

    You know you’ve been sued, so you’re looking around trying to figure out what you need to do.  Everywhere you look online about debt resolution, it says you need to file your “Answer” and that you better do it on time. But what is an “Answer?”  What does it need to say?  Where do you …Read More

  2. Credit Card Lawsuits In Texas – 9 Things To Know

    Are you getting sued over an unpaid credit card debt? If so, here are 9 things our Texas debt settlement attorney wants you to know: 1. They have to serve you before the lawsuit can go forward A constable or process server will go to your home or place of business to try to serve you with the lawsu…Read More

  3. How Does A Lawsuit Affect My Credit?

    When you fall behind on your debts, and especially when you get sued over one of your debts, credit is one of your biggest concerns. Does the lawsuit show up on your credit report? How does the lawsuit, and potentially a judgment, affect your credit? And if you defeat the lawsuit, does the underlyin…Read More

  4. How Long Do They Have To Serve Me?

    Our Texas debt settlement attorney has dealt with thousands of lawsuits like the one you could be facing. You know you’ve been sued, maybe because you got a notice from the court and maybe because you got a bunch of advertising letters from attorneys. Maybe you even looked your lawsuit up online. …Read More

  5. 12 Reasons Not to Represent Yourself

    Thinking about representing yourself in court to save money on a debt settlement attorney? Here are 12 reasons you may not want to do that, and why it may end up costing you more money in the long run:   Your Answer   What is an Answer?  What does it need to say?  When is it due?  Where…Read More

  6. How Creditors Collect Debts (& How to Stop Them)

    Our Texas debt settlement attorney has been working with debt collectors for years. We know all of their tricks when it comes to collecting a debt and we know that while most debt collectors used legal methods to try to collect money, not all of them do. When you have unpaid debts, debt collectors h…Read More

  7. How Our Katy Debt Settlement Attorney is Defeating Lawsuits

    Just because you get a notice from a debt collector that you are being sued doesn’t mean that you will have to pay that amount. In fact, in many cases, our Katy debt settlement attorney is able to negotiate your debt amount and get it lowered and sometimes even defeat the case in court. It’s no…Read More