How Creditors Collect Debts (& How to Stop Them)
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How Creditors Collect Debts (& How to Stop Them)

Our Texas debt settlement attorney has been working with debt collectors for years. We know all of their tricks when it comes to collecting a debt and we know that while most debt collectors used legal methods to try to collect money, not all of them do. When you have unpaid debts, debt collectors have a couple legal options available to try to collect your money:

  • Repossession. If the unpaid debt is on a physical object such as a vehicle, the debt collector may come try to take back that object.
  • Wage garnishment. Debt collectors can actually get access to your paycheck, asking your employer or your bank to take funds out of your paycheck for repayment.
  • Liens. If you own property, debt collectors may place a lien on the property, meaning when the property is sold you will have to give them some of your profits to repay the debt.

These are the most common methods, though it isn’t an exhaustive list. The important thing to do when you are working with a debt collector on unpaid debts is to have legal representation. This protects you from illegal methods of repayment as well as prevents harassment from the debt collector. They’ll be required to speak to your lawyer, not to you, so you can focus on your life instead of on your unpaid debts.

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