I know I have a lawsuit, but I haven’t been served. How can I get a copy?
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I know I have a lawsuit, but I haven’t been served. How can I get a copy?

You got a bunch of letters from Texas debt relief attorneys offering to help you with a lawsuit, so you know you’ve been sued.

But you haven’t been served with a copy of the lawsuit, and, before you make any decisions, you want to see a copy of the lawsuit.

What do you do?

You can get a copy of the lawsuit from the court

The lawsuit is a public record.  You can go to the courthouse and get a copy.

The letter we sent you has your case number and the court on it.  So take our letter to the courthouse, and show the clerk.  He or she will be able to get a copy of the lawsuit for you, or show you where you need to go to get a copy.

What court do I need to go to?  And where is it?

That’s the problem.  In order to go to the court and get a copy of your lawsuit, you need to know what court your lawsuit is in.  Depending on what county you live in, there could be dozens of different courts.

In Harris County, for example, there are 4 County Courts, 16 Justice of the Peace Courts, and 24 District Courts.

The County and District courts are usually centralized, either in a single building or in a cluster of buildings that are close to each other.  But the JP Courts, if your county has more than one, are spread throughout the county.  In Harris County, the 16 Justice of the Peace Courts are at 16 different addresses.

We may be able to help you get a copy of your lawsuit

Some courts have websites that allow attorneys to get copies of lawsuits online.  If your court has such a website, our debt collection attorney will look up your lawsuit for you and get you a copy.

If we can’t get a copy of your lawsuit online, we may still be able to obtain basic information about your lawsuit, such as the amount of the debt and the name and contract information for the law firm that is suing you.

Give us a call.  We’re here to help

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