I’m getting sued. Can I just call them and make arrangements to pay the debt?
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I’m getting sued. Can I just call them and make arrangements to pay the debt?

Sure, you could just call them and try to make arrangements pay the debt.  But it’s probably the worst thing you can do.


Because it will (probably) cost you more and damage your credit worse than having our Texas debt settlement attorney help you.  Plus, if you try to handle your lawsuit on your own, you might end up with the worst possible outcome: you pay the debt in full and still get a judgment on your credit.

It will cost you less if we defeat your lawsuit

Our legal fees are very reasonable.  Even if you are getting sued for a small amount, say $2000 or less, it still makes sense to have us handle your lawsuit.

First of all, you’ll get peace of mind.  You don’t have to figure out how and where to file your answer or worry about doing discovery or going to court hearings.  We do all that for you, and you can rest assured that it will be done right.

Plus, we challenge the lawsuit and try to defeat it.  If they can’t prove their case—and often they can’t—we go to court and get the case dismissed.

 It’ll probably cost you less even if we settle your case

We can almost always get a better settlement than you can on your own.


Because once we’re involved, the creditor faces the real possibility that their case will get dismissed, and they’ll get nothing.  Plus, with us on board, the amount of work they have to do goes up exponentially.  So, many times, they will settle for a low amount just to be done with it.

Don’t go it alone

It is probably not a good idea for you to try to handle your lawsuit without an attorney.  Get in touch with our debt collection attorneys and we can go over with you what we can do to help you.

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