Ripped Off By a Debt Settlement Company? Want Your Money Back?
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Ripped Off By a Debt Settlement Company? Want Your Money Back?

Are you stuck with a debt settlement company that has taken your money and not settled your debts?  Do you want to cancel with them and get your money back?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m James Heston, and I’m a debt relief and consumer law attorney.  I help people get their money back from debt settlement companies that charge them big fees and don’t settle their debts.

Depending on your circumstances, I may be able to:

  • Stop the monthly drafts immediately
  • Get all your money back (except, possibly, for any money that was actually paid to your creditors)
  • Recover additional money for you for your losses and for damage to your credit

Most Advance Fees Are Illegal

This means that, in most circumstances, it is illegal for them to charge you a fee until after they actually settle an account.

If your debt settlement company is charging you “advance fees,” you may be able to void your contract with them and get your money back.

Over 90% of Debt Settlement Plans Fail

According to a Government Accountability Office study, over 90% of debt settlement plans fail.  Few borrowers end up debt free; most end up deeper in debt with their credit ruined and judgments against them.

If you have a lawsuit, you should contact us now

We are a Texas law firm, and we have successfully defeated over 3000 debt lawsuits.

Unless your debt settlement provider is an actual law firm, with attorneys licensed in Texas, they cannot help you with your lawsuit.

If your lawsuit is not handled correctly, you will end up with a judgment against you.  With a judgment, the creditor can freeze your bank account and cloud the title to your home.

Call Now to Get a Free Consultation and to Learn Your Options

You can meet with me, for free, and learn your options.  In our meeting, you will learn…

  • How to cancel with your debt settlement company (I can help you do this if necessary)
  • Whether or not your contract is illegal
  • Whether or not you might be able to recover your money
  • What to do about your lawsuit, if you have one

So fill out the contact form or call me today.  You’ll be glad you did.