Three Things You Need To Do When Being Sued for a Debt
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Three Things You Need To Do When Being Sued for a Debt

Learning that you are being sued by a creditor for an uncollected debt is scary. You aren’t sure what to do, how to pay for it, or what kind of outcome you could be facing. Many people choose to ignore it and hope it goes away, but that is one of the worst things you can do as it could make the judgement on the case much worse. Facing the problem directly will help you achieve a much better result, no matter how difficult it may be. Our Texas debt settlement attorney has handled thousands of lawsuits like this and we know there are three important things that you can do to protect yourself when you are being sued for a debt:

  1. Don’t panic. Yes, being sued is scary, but it isn’t something to panic about. When clients panic, they often make mistakes that result in the case becoming a much bigger deal than it needed to be or giving the creditors access to funds or account that they have no legal right to touch.
  2. Know your rights. Creditors cannot harass you or your family members when it comes to uncollected debt. They also cannot touch social security payments. When you know your rights, you arm yourself with information that can be used to defend yourself in court and prevent creditors from taking something they legally cannot.
  3. Hire a lawyer. You might think it’s not worth spending the money on an attorney when you are already in debt, but you are wrong. A debt settlement attorney can help save you money on your final settlement and may be able to get your case dismissed altogether.

There is a good chance that by responding to the lawsuit, asking for proof, and having the right representation can result in your case being settled for a much smaller amount or being dismissed altogether. Contact Heston Ciment today to hire a debt settlement attorney who can help with your case.