What You Need to Know About Credit Card Lawsuits
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What You Need to Know About Credit Card Lawsuits

Here are the basics that you need to know if you have a lawsuit over an unpaid credit card debt.

They need to serve you with the paperwork before the lawsuit can go forward.

The lawsuit cannot go forward until they serve you with the lawsuit paperwork.  Usually, this means that a constable or process server will physically hand you a copy of the lawsuit.  But, depending on your situation, you might get served by certified mail or by the process server taping a copy of the lawsuit to your door.

You have 2-4 weeks to file an Answer from the date you get served.

In Justice Court (“JP Court”), you have 14 days to file your answer.  In County and District Courts, you have 3-4 weeks to file your Answer.  You need to fax or mail a copy of the answer to the law firm that is suing you.

You could get a default judgment if you don’t file your Answer on time.

If you don’t file your Answer on time, the creditor can get a default judgment entered against you at any point after your answer is due.   As long as you file your Answer before the creditor gets a default judgment against you, however, even if your Answer is filed late, your Answer is valid, and you can fight the lawsuit.


Here are the benefits of hiring us to handle your lawsuit for you.

We handle everything:  We do your answer and other lawsuit paperwork and we attend all your court hearings.

You probably won’t have to go to court:  99% of our clients never appear in court.

We get many debt lawsuits dismissed:  Overall, we get about 65% of the debt lawsuits we handle dismissed.  If we get your case dismissed, you don’t have to pay the debt.

You will save money:  It will cost you less to hire us to handle the lawsuit for you than it will cost you if you try to handle it on your own. Even if your lawsuit amount is very small ($1500 or less), we can still save you money.

Find out where you stand

We will review your lawsuit for free and tell you where you stand.  You can upload a copy of your lawsuit using the contact box at the left of this page.  If you have not been served with the lawsuit, give us as much information about the lawsuit as you have, and we’ll try to look up your lawsuit info online and give you an evaluation.