Just because you get a notice from a debt collector that you are being sued doesn’t mean that you will have to pay that amount. In fact, in many cases, our Katy debt settlement attorney is able to negotiate your debt amount and get it lowered and sometimes even defeat the case in court. It’s not as uncommon as you’d expect. In fact, in the thousands of debt settlement cases that we’ve taken to court, we’ve seen over 60% of them defeated. That means you have a reasonable chance of defeating your case, too.

So how is it done? The simple fact is that debt collection agencies have to prove that you actually owe the money they claim that you owe. The burden of proof is on them. By the time that your case reaches a court, your debt has probably been sold to third party debt collectors who make a living trying to get repayments on old debts. In many cases, those purchased debts don’t come with the paperwork or proof needed to show that you actually owe the amount that they claim that you owe.

There is a good chance that you will have to pay something, but an even better chance that you won’t have to pay as much. Plus there is the chance you won’t have to pay anything. The best way to fight your case is to hire our experienced Katy debt settlement attorney and let our team fight on your behalf. You can reach us at 1-888-273-3073 or contact us through our website. We’ll give you a free consultation to discuss your debt lawsuit options.