1. Three Things You Need To Do When Being Sued for a Debt

    Learning that you are being sued by a creditor for an uncollected debt is scary. You aren't sure what to do, how to pay for it, or what kind of outcome you could be facing. Many people choose to ignore it and hope it goes away, but that is one of the worst things you can do as it could make the judg…Read More

  2. Ripped Off By a Debt Settlement Company? Want Your Money Back?

    Are you stuck with a debt settlement company that has taken your money and not settled your debts?  Do you want to cancel with them and get your money back? If so, you’re in the right place. I’m James Heston, and I’m a debt relief and consumer law attorney.  I help people get their money bac…Read More

  3. Can the Statute of Limitations Help Me?

    If you have a lawsuit from an old credit card debt, or if you are worried that you might get a lawsuit from an old credit card debt, then you might have questions about the statute of limitations. What exactly is a statute of limitations?  How long is the statute of limitations for a credit card de…Read More

  4. How Long Until My Bad Debt is Cleared Up?

    If you have unpaid debts—and especially if you have a lawsuit over an unpaid debt—you may be wondering:  When will this ever be over?  When will I have all these bad debts behind me, once and for all?  How long do I have to wait until my credit clears up so that I can get a mortgage or a car …Read More

  5. What Can A Creditor Do With A Judgment?

    If you have a judgment against you, you probably have some questions: What can the creditor do to collect on the judgment? How will a judgment affect my credit? What can I do to resolve the judgment? This article explains the basics of judgment collection in Texas.  It is not comprehensive.  It is…Read More